Aygun Tataev, a Russian digital and 3D artist based in Canada, specializes modeling and mesmerizing environment art, particularly in interior design and complementary colors.

With over seven years of experience, Aygun's impressive portfolio includes commissioned projects for renowned brands such as Google, Bose, Tesla, Zero Motorcycles, and Lexus of Edmonton. His meticulous attention to detail is evident in projects like the Zero Motorcycles, showcasing his exceptional talent.

While not yet receiving awards, Aygun has gained recognition in the digital art community. His captivating Instagram artwork inspires fellow creators. As he continues to evolve his style, Aygun strives to collaborate with more companies and establish himself as a sought-after artist in the industry.

My Workflow

(workflow process): step one, step two, step three, and finally step four.


I like to use the latest software for my projects, so I know there is nothing better to use for my clients.
These are the tools I use on a regular basis.

Icon - Blender
Blender - (3D Composition and Animation)
Icon - Octane Render
Octane Render - (Lighting and Rendering)
Icon - DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve - (Post Production)
Icon - Photoshop
Photoshop - (image adjustment)
Icon - After Effects
After Effects - (video adjustment)
Icon - Substance Painter
Substance Painter - (3D Texturing)


I often get asked the same questions. I’ve put the most common in this section.

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